Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In the wake of Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes author Z.A. Recht's passing last week his family has set up a non-profit memorial scholarship fund. Donations may be sent to:

P O Box 193
Bunker Hill WV 25413

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Congrats to Johann Bodin (artist) and Jacob Kier (cover design) for the nomination of THE ESTUARY in the category of BEST COVER ART AND DESIGN in the 3rd Annual Black Quill Awards run by Dark Scribe Magazine. I knew the minute Jacob showed me the artwork he planned on using for my book that it was outstanding and I'm really thrilled that both he and Johann have gotten recognition they deserve for putting out such a terrific cover.

So please, please register at Dark Scribe and cast your vote now! Here's the link http://www.darkscribemagazine.com/3rd-annual-bqa-nominees/



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Derek Gunn Newsletter - draw for signed copies reminder!

Sign up to receive Derek Gunn’s Newsletter for all the latest news, reviews and releases at www.derekgunn.com

All newsletter subscribers are entered into a monthly draw for a signed copy of a Derek Gunn novel of their choice.

Next draw: November 30th, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE Graphic Novel - custom designed Poster and T-shirt available from publisher: New Baby Productions

Check them out and order at New Baby Productions website -

Sunday Special!

There's a new interview up with me at Flashes in the Dark. In this interview I talk about the themes/processes/bakcground to THE ESTUARY and my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE books, what I'm currently working on and what's next...

Monday, November 2, 2009

VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE - Graphic Novel Cover!

Coming 2011 with a preview comic available in 2010 - here's a sneak peek at the cover art...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hallow'een Sale

BURIED TALES OF PINEBOX TX (from publishers 12 to Midnight) is now at the spooky price of just 99c if you download it through Drive Thru Horror and yes, I have a story in it!

Critical Acclaim

Xenagia.net - Bill Bodden: "Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas is a very solid collection of horror tales"

Flames Rising - Todd Cash: "In my book, that's called entertainment."

Examiner.com - Jeff LaSala: "I recommend it"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from OCTOCON!

Well I’m back from a weekend at Octocon(The Irish scifi, fantasy and horror convention which was on in Dublin). The Camden Court Hotel was a new venue this year and the committee have chosen really well. Spacious rooms, nice food and our own bar – what more could you want. Guests I hear you shout. Well we had those too. The wonderful Mike Carey was our Guest of Honour and he regaled us with some readings and anecdotes for the whole weekend. Dave Lally was our Fan Guest of Honour, which meant he had to mingle with everyone – wait a minute - doesn’t he do that every year?? Well done Dave and well deserved.

Michael Carroll was there too, it just wouldn’t be the same without him. Peadar O’Guilin wants a dog monster for next year so I will have to see what I can do and the irrepressible John Vaughan wants ‘His gun spat death’ somewhere in my next novel – guests are so demanding these days. I wonder who I’ll have it spit death at - any suggestions please e-mail me. CE Murphy again brightened our weekend with stories and observations and kept us in line.

Maura McHugh and Rob Curley were there flaunting their Roisin Dubh, and for those who do not read Irish – you’ll have to wait until it comes out to see what it is, though with their talents you won’t be disappointed. Alan "Sancho" Nolan was there also and I was delighted to share a panel with him.

As you can see we had plenty of talent and lots of fun as well. We also had the first ever Golden Blaster (film) Awards – keep your eye on these. If John Vaughan has his way these will be pretty big next year with a surprise GOH.

I must have done something right as I was invited back next year. I really can’t wait. Somehow they have managed to get George R R Martin as GOH :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

NERO Revealed!!!

VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE Graphic Novel (coming 2011 from New Baby Productions) - concept art for "Nero"

NERO Revealed!!!

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A New War begins

FALLOUT is the third book in Derek Gunn’s Vampire Apocalypse series and is now available in trade paperback from Black Death Books.

The Vampires rule. Humanity are enslaved in a nightmare world where those who are still alive are bred as food for the vampires and the entertainment for the vicious thralls who guard them.

The brief but bitter conflict between rival vampires has left Von Kruger victorious. However, the thralls have used the war to their advantage and they have grown in power and confidence against their former masters. Their rivalry is set to escalate but first they must eliminate another threat - the small band of human survivors. Harris and his team hold a secret of immeasurable power – a coating for bullets that can kill the vampires. The thralls want it and the vampires must destroy it. But first they have to find them. An uneasy alliance is forged until the humans can be destroyed but neither side can hope to trust the other.

Across the country another power struggle threatens them all. There is a power play at work that Harris does not understand. Harris’s warning of the serum’s deadly effects has been ignored and the doomsday clock continues to tick relentlessly towards Armageddon.
On top of all that there is a traitor in the human community and the small matter of a potential nuclear catastrophe…


“Gunn weaves a terrific tale…breathtaking well-plotted action” –Apex Science Fiction Digest

“…an incredibly original piece of fiction that keeps the reader turning the pages.” –Horror-web

Now available at: Black Death Books Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.ca Barnes and Noble

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Kindle editions of all three VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE books coming...

For those who prefer their reading material in electronic format, my three VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE books will be available in KINDLE editions before the end of the year through Permuted Press who is also the publisher (both print and kindle editions) of my latest release, THE ESTUARY.

And the best news is that Kindle editions are now to be made available worldwide - no more heavy suitcases full of books for me when I go on holidays :-)

I've got FALLOUT in my hands!

Many many many thanks to my publisher, Black Death Books for rushing advance copies of my new Vampire Apocalypse book, FALLOUT, to me in time for the book's launch at Octocon this Saturday (11am in the Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street, Dublin for anyone who's around and interested!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love going to scifi/horror.fantasy conventions but living on this small island, I don't get to nearly as many as I would like due to the time /expense involved in travel. But there's two this month that I am going to, as a guest author: Octocon and Games Fest.

First up is Octocon and this will be my third one. I'm really looking forward to this and meeting up a great bunch of authors/artists and filmakers. Mike Carey (Writer for Marvel and DC comics, as well as several other comics publishers. Author of the Felix Castor novels), is the Guest of Honour. So if you're in Dublin next weekend, check it out at the Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street. I'll be launching my new VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE book, FALLOUT, on Saturday around 11am, talking about my latest release, THE ESTUARY and the forthcoming VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE graphic novel (due out 2011).

Also, there's an interview up at the Octocon website with yours truely:-)

Games Fest is on in Watford in the UK on Saturday 24th: From the humble origins of a gaming collective to a one-day convention encompassing RPG’s, Board Games, CCG’s, War Games, Comics, Books, Film & Video gaming. The aim is for an informal event that enables the enthusiast and casual gamer to sample the best the hobby has to offer. Click HERE to see this year's impressive line up including Dan Abnett, Simon Scarrow,
Conrad Williams, Steve Savile, Gav Thorpe,Richard Williams and Graham McNeill to mention a few.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


New review just in for THE ESTUARY from Dark Scribe Magazine. Here's a taster:

"The fast pace and substantial gore makes each page a pleasure, and readers will no doubt fall in love with the heroic characters that populate the novel."

Monday, September 14, 2009


New Baby Productions Enters the Horror Genre with Adaptation of Derek Gunn’s Hit Novels - Read the press release

I'm really thrilled that my series of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE novels have been picked up for graphic novel(s) adaptation. This new adaptation will be scripted by CJ Hurtt, an eclectic writer whose work has run the gamut from mainstream to horror to slipstream to political drama. His horror prose has been published in Lighthouse Magazine and Horrorfind.com; and his comic work has been showcased in the political drama One Last Song published by Brainscan Studios. He is the current Fiction Editor of Dark Recesses Magazine.

Argentinean artist Federico Combi will be providing the art for the graphic novel. Combi fancies himself a “Fine Arts Technician;” an illustrator and artist specialized in multiple concepts and artistical esthetics: fantasy art, pin ups, stories, children’s albums, youth novels, adult novels, paleo art, comics, and storyboards. He has worked for producers on several continents.

Vampire Apocalypse: the Graphic Novel is scheduled for an early 2011 release. A mini-comic preview edition will be available at various conventions during 2010 to start the pre-release marketing. Project updates will be posted on the New Baby Productions web site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zombies on the Emerald Isle!

A new review of THE ESTUARY just spotted at Static Multimedia:

"The Estuary is a slick, captivating tale that takes the zombie tale and gives it a Celtic polish. Original, heart-pounding and highly imaginative, this book will delight horror fans and may just hook some thriller lovers."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FALLOUT...coming soon

Third Vampire Apocalypse book FALLOUT coming October - SIGN UP FOR EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

FANGORIA! Terrific review of THE ESTUARY

Well I'm not only delighted that Fangoria has reviewed my latest release THE ESTUARY, but I'm blown away by their review! Here's a taster:

"A story, which is an action-packed survival horror Irish zombie novel, features something completely refreshing and new among the hundreds of zombie reads out there. The newest novel from horror novelist Derek Gunn features everything a horror fan could hope and dream of!...The pages will soon enough stick to your sweaty fingers as you swipe each page in anxiousness as you live through the citizens of Whiteshead, Ireland.

this story is much more than the typical zombie novel, serving us classic horror ingredients that constantly invigorate and excite. Gunn’s ability to jump from one character to the next is flawless as we are presented with some of the best, clear and concise action sequences this reader has ever come across. The story reads very quickly as you can never seem to put the book down; constantly looking over your reading shoulder in paranoia and fear.

I want to immediately read a sequel and grab popcorn for the big screen movie adaption! This book is a definite recommendation for any fan of the horror and zombie subgenre as well as Gunn’s magnificent and adventurous writing style that will grab your bloody beating heart and never let go!"

You can read the full review at FANGORIA

Saturday, August 29, 2009

VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE picked up for graphic novel adaptation

My VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE series has been picked up for graphic novel adaptation(s). The ink is barely dry on the contract and more details to follow once the full creative team has been put together. I'm really thrilled with this new direction as I always felt that VA really lends itself to this format (but probably most of us writer types feel this way about our books!)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Flamesrising review THE ESTUARY

Flamesrising.com has put up a new review of THE ESTUARY - here's a taster:

"One the best things about Derek’s books is the nearly non-stop action. He manages to blend horror and action really, mixing up fast paced battle scenes with gripping fear for the characters involved. You never know who is going to make it to the end of the book (or if any of them will) and no one is safe....Gunn likes to keep us guessing and is not afraid of pulling the trigger on a favorite character if it will amp up the dread just a little more."

The full review is available at their website

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's what Mail Order Zombie (podcast) has to say about THE ESTUARY

"The Estuary had me swept up in its story in no time at all. I liked The Estuary so much that I’m not sure where to start. I particularly enjoyed how the infected were portrayed in The Estuary. They were the gaunt, silent type and Gunn does a fantastic job portraying the creepy nature of emotionless flesh-eating infected. Similarly, Gunn expertly portrays the Irish government’s response to the outbreak which parallels the infected storyline and leads to an atmosphere of muffled panic.

The descriptions of townspeople’s reactions create tension and fantastic action scenes that kept me glued to the book.

I really enjoyed Derek Gunn’s The Estuary and strongly recommend it. Mail Order Zombie gives The Estuary 4 bookmarks and a dog-ear (4.5) out of 5 bookmarks."

Episode 82 of Mail Order Zombie

Friday, August 21, 2009

A terrific review of THE ESTUARY at Mail Order Zombie.com

"Week 82 of Mail Order Zombie brings you Week Three of Summer Knights, the crossover event between Mail Order Zombie and Dread Media....The Post Script is back; Miss Bren reviews the book The Estuary by Derek Gunn.2

This is a weekly podcast and THE ESTUARY gets a terrific review - 4.5 stars out of 5! You can listen to the podcast HERE (forward to about 37 minutes and you're at the review)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Signed copies and more reviews!

For those of you who like to purchase their books signed by the author, Fantastic Literature, now have signed copies of THE ESTUARY available for sale at their store. Fantastic Literature, according to their site, are the UK's largest and best online purveyor of out of print books, rare books and used books in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, thrillers, ghost stories, weird tales and macabre fiction, historical fiction, vintage SF, Horror & Crime, small press and graphic novels both in paperback, hardcover and magazine format. 19,000+ titles currently for sale.

A couple of new reviews just in - here are the highlights:

First up,"some great action sequences, particularly towards the end of the novel. Gunn is able to write tension-filled scenes that kept me turning the pages. Gunn has created some very frightening monsters" Fatally Yours.com

Next, a reader review at Amazon.com: "The action is fast and the atmosphere is intriguing. I definitely enjoyed the story and the multitude of characters we are given the chance to get to know and wonder whether or not they will survive until the end. The author did a excellent job of providing a scientifically based explanation of how the infection has turned those it touches into the undead which lends a touch of realism to the tale I liked. Derek Gunn also adds an element to his monsters I found interesting: they make no sounds, which makes them incredibly eerie to say the least. The panic we get to see amongst the townsfolk as they crowd together and are surrounded by the living dead really resonates. More so than most other books of this type, we get to see how people crammed together under dire circumstances tend to act without an ounce of rationality as fear and madness grips them. this is a highly entertaining tale that keeps things moving at a fast clip and gets us to the conclusion in a breathless fashion that I found to be fun and exciting. This author definitely created a fun zombie story that kept me intrigued on virtually every page."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's new for August at derekgunn.com - plus new giveaway!

I'm currently working away editing the next VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE book. It's called FALLOUT and is due out from Black Death Books in October. I'll be launching it in the UK at GamesFest 4 and in Ireland at Octocon - both cons are on in October. More on that next month...Editing is tedious but necessary work but I must admit I'm looking forward to returning to the new book I'm writing.

New at derekgunn.com for August are:

Instead of a contest, I've put up a new giveaway, as you can see from the picture above. Of course, if you've already put up a review of one of my books, I'll be happy to send you the short story - just drop me an email.

A few more terrific reviews for my latest release, THE ESTUARY, can be found HERE

An interview I did with fellow Permuted author, James Meltzer, on his new UNLEASHED Podcast, can be found HERE


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The Estuary is a zombie novel but it’s not just for zombie fans"

"The Estuary is a zombie novel but it’s not just for zombie fans"

I've had a couple of terrific reader reviews for my latest release posted at Amazon.com and .co.uk and Goodreads but this is the first "official" review from http://www.horrornews.net/. It is a very indepth review but be warned - it contains a few spoilers. Here's a brief taster (no spoilers)

" The Estuary is a complex tale that had me turning pages non-stop ...Mr. Gunn twists history in a believable and original way...The scares here are realistic and human, so to me the feeling of terror is more prolonged never wavering till the last page...Mr. Gunn uses science (Ala Michael Crichton) to explain the cause of the sudden zombie outbreak...The story is tight and quick never easing up on the beautiful bleakness of the setting and the dangers surrounding them but the characters always have a strength that never lets them give up hope even as the odds of surviving grow smaller and smaller.
The scares here are realistic and human, so to me the feeling of terror is more prolonged never wavering till the last page. The Estuary is a zombie novel but it's not just for zombie fans."

Check it out at their site under "book reviews"

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Permuted Press has found anouther great author and handed him to us on a silver Plate."

another great review (5 stars) for my latest release, THE ESTUARY, is now up on Amazon.com and I'm blown away by the reader's reaction to the book. Here's a taster:

"A true Thriller! Mr. Gunn grabs you from the start and never lets go. I promis this story will stay with you long after you have turned the last page. Our friends from across the pond have brought new life into the Zombie world! With the terror of a 28 weeks latter and the mind grip of a Romerro clasic, D. Gunn has made his mark. Permuted Press has found anouther great author and handed him to us on a silver Plate. Get this Book!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

International Thriller Writers - THE INTERROGATOR by JJ Cooper

I am a Contributing Editor for The International Writers Association. Check out in the latest issue of THE BIG THRILL what I wrote about THE INTERROGATOR - the debut novel from Australian author, JJ Cooper.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reader review of THE ESTUARY

While I await reviews of my latest release, THE ESTUARY, there have been a couple of reader reviews already. Here's one I was delighted to come across on Goodreads:

"Awesome addition to the genre! Well worth checking out if you are a hardcore zombie-lit fan or if it's you're first foray into the world of zombie books."

There's also another great comprehensive review up on Amazon.co.uk


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Essential Vampire Fiction, Vol. 2 : VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE

John Joseph Adams is editing a new book of essential vampire fiction, coming soon from Nightshade books. I'm delighted that my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE SERIES gets a mention (number 12 of 40).

"Essential Vampire Fiction, Vol. 2

A Listmania! list by John Joseph Adams (New Jersey).

The list author says: "What follows is a selected bibliography of vampire fiction. This list focuses primarily on vampires in fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels published within the last thirty years or so, and largely ignores young adult, tie-in (Buffy, Angel, etc.), romance, and erotica titles, although some crossover is inevitable. For books in a series, only the first title in the series will be listed, and in the comment field, the phrase "et seq." will appear, indicating sequels.

This "for further reading" list appears in my vampire anthology BY BLOOD WE LIVE. The list was compiled by Ross E. Lockhart.

Visit the anthology’s website at johnjosephadams.com/by-blood-we-live to learn more about the stories in BY BLOOD WE LIVE."

Friday, July 17, 2009

FALLOUT - proposed cover art

The latest book in my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE series will be released in October, in time for Games Fest 4 and Octocon. So I have just received back the manuscript for editing which will keep me busy for the next few weekends.

What's in a name?

The observant among you who are regular visitors to my website may have noticed a change of title for my forthcoming release from Ghostwriter Publications: the original title for this book was THE HMS SWIFT CHRONICLES but, the publisher and I decided that the title SENTINELS OF THE SEA was sharper and more descriptive so...we changed it. The cover got a makeover too!

About this Book:

A new historical horror fiction book incorporating two stories and titled Sentinels of the Sea, has been picked up by Ghostwriter Publications in the UK, for publication in 2009 in hardback, paperback and audio editions.

Set against the historical backdrop of the fragile peace that existed between the American Revolution, the looming French Revolution and the threat of Napoleon's growing empire, the crew of the HMS Swift face the walking dead in The Diabolical Plan and vampires in The Island.

The year is 1791 and Captain Thomas Butler and his loyal crew of The HMS Swift, a class five frigate in the service of King George III of England, are sent on a series of missions where nothing is what it seems and forces far darker than any of them have experienced before, reign supreme.

It'll be available to preorder around August - stay tuned for more updates.

EXAMINER.COM reviews 12 to Midnight's BURIED TALES anthology

Jeff LaSala at www.examiner.com gave a terrific thumbs-up to the new anthology of horror stories, BURIED TALES, set in Pinebox Texas - the universe created by publisher 12 to Midnight. Here's a sample of what he had to say:

"If you ever enjoyed TV shows like Tales from the Crypt, the Creepshow movies, or one of Stephen King’s short stories, this anthology is worth checking out. No story is too long, nor too involved...just scary goodness with just enough restraint to keep the suspense."

And yep - I'm plugging this because I have a story in it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

First review of THE ESTUARY

The first reader review for my latest thriller, THE ESTUARY, is up on Amazon.co.uk and it's a good one! Check it out HERE

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's new for July at derekgunn.com

Here's an update about what's new at my website. First off, my latest thriller, THE ESTUARY, has been released by Permuted Press. Books that have been ordered at the main online booksellers are now starting to ship and review copies are been forwarded to reviewers who requested a copy. Book extract, blurbs, reviews (as they come in) and links to the most popular booksellers are all available at the website.

Secondly, I've received the concept art for the third book in my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE, series - FALLOUT. It's coming out from Black Death Books in September. At my website, just click on BOOKS to see the cover.

Finally, there's a new book trailer for the anthology, BURIED TALES, published by 12 to Midnight.com. A link to it is posted on my homepage.

Happy reading!
Derek Gunn

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE ESTUARY flows...from Permuted Press

Derek Gunn's new zombie novel The Estuary is now available for purchase from many stores including:

* Permuted Press - Free shipping on any 2 or more books!
* Amazon US
* Amazon UK
* Amazon Canada
* Barnes & Noble
* Many Others

Journalist John Pender has returned to his home town of Whiteshead to rekindle his marriage. Ex-British Intelligence Officer Dave Johnson has arrived to isolate himself after his fiancée is murdered during a mission that went terribly wrong. But excavations for the new shopping centre unearth a mysterious contagion that threatens to throw their lives into chaos. Now the residents of Whiteshead are trapped within a quarantine zone with the military on one side and ravenous hordes on the other. Escape is no longer an option. Far out in the mouth of the estuary a small keep sits forlornly surrounded by an apron of jagged rocks. This refuge has always been unassailable, a place of myth and legend that has grown in folklore through the years. Now, it's the survivors' only hope of sanctuary. But there are thousands of flesh-eating infected between them and the keep and time is running out ...

"Almost fifteen thousand men, women and children turned into flesh eating zombies by a long-forgotten Nazi chemical weapon… sound like your thing?"
--David Moody, author of HATER

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coming this Tuesday...

...my new book, THE ESTUARY, will be released. It's up on Amazon (US, UK and Canada) and Barnes and Noble for preorder if you want to reserve a copy. The direct links are on my website (www.derekgunn.com)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Derek Gunn Newsletter - May Contest Winners

May contest winners of a signed copy of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE:DESCENT INTO CHAOS are:

Neville Thompson, South Africa.

Jacqueline Mckinson, England

Congratulations to both and thank you to all those who have subscribed to my newsletter. Stay tuned for further contests.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free Preview of Buried Tales of Pinebox

People often say that there are no such things as monsters. They are wrong. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other unnamable horrors co-exist with us. Watching us. Using us. Preying upon us.

Welcome to Pinebox, a sleepy little East Texas town with a lot more than its share of trouble. Whether it’s the haunted diner luring weary travelers, the unexplained ‘alligator attacks”, or the crone who just might be hexing neighborhood kids, trouble always seems to be hidden just below the surface. Buried, but not forgotten.

Unearth these tales of rurral horror from a dozen voices of the macabre—including David Wellington, Derek Gunn, Shane Lacy Hensley, and more.

The Buried Tales preview is available for free at DriveThruHorror.com.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" feature at www.derekgunn.com

I've added a new feature to my website. All novels available for sale have a "Try before you Buy" feature where you can read the first chapter and, if you like it enough to part with your hard-earned cash, there are links to the most popular online booksellers and to Indiebound (which points you in the direction of your closest bookshop where the books(s) can be ordered in store).

Friday, May 8, 2009

New novel coming June 30th.

Permuted Press will release my new novel, THE ESTUARY on June 30th. All the details are at my website derekgunn.com.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do you write reviews?

PDF's are available of both Vampire Apocalypse books for review purposes. If you have a blog and/or write reviews for Amazon or other book sellers, just drop me an email (derekg@iol.ie) with your details.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Newsletter/Contest

A May newsletter has been sent out to all subscribers. Sign up for Derek’s Newsletter at derekgunn.com and enter a draw for signed copy of his latest release, DESCENT INTO CHAOS, the second book in the Vampire Apocalypse series.

Current subscribers to Derek Gunn’s newsletter are already entered. Winner will be drawn on June 1st. Please note that subscribers who sign up for Derek Gunn’s newsletter by May 31, 2009 are also eligible.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New review

I came across a new review for the second Vampire Apocalypse book today from Dark Scribe Magazine - here's a taster:

"...these vampires are very much different from others in literary horror...Vampires ruling Main Street is certainly a frightening prospect, but it (Descent into Chaos) is also a refreshing change of pace from the typical living undead tome. The societal changes add a touch of science fiction to this horror novel...the lack of romanticism adds to its appeal. The novel offers an intriguing overall plot, with plenty of action and a concept that is far from ordinary."

Thursday, April 23, 2009


‘Payback’ is a short story that first appeared in the horror anthology, The Blackest Death II, published by Black Death Books in 2006. The anthology is now out of print. This is actually the first piece of mine to be published so, I thought I would put it up at my website (look for it in the "extras" page) for anyone who enjoys an atmospheric horror story.

A serial killer takes a train ride but his past comes back to haunt him...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I'm at...

Between the doom and gloom (weather as well as recession) over here, I've spent the first few months of the year up to my tonsils at work but writing wise, there has been a few things happening that have brought a little ray of sunshine to brighten my day.

First up, my first book has been under option for film and contracts have recently been exchanged to extend this for another two years. This project has changed a lot (and that's putting it mildly) since it was first optioned in 2007. For starters, there is a far bigger project in development in terms of personel, budget etc. than what was first envisioned two years ago. I've seen a couple of versions of the script and all looks great so far. Sorry to sound vague but this is awash with agents, producers, lawyers so at this stage, until it's officially announced, I'm bound to silence! What I can say is that my new contract gives me first option to write the movie tie-in book which, I'm very excited about. Also,the location for filming that is being talked about at this stage, means I won't have too to go to the other side of the world to visit the set. I'm holding my breath and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this keeps moving forward....

With regard to my three new releases due later this year: The first edit of The Estuary (Permuted Press) is done and dusted but I'm waiting to see if the Boss is happy or if more editing is required. It's a similar story with The HMS Swift Chronicles coming from Ghostwriter Publications this year. I've seen concept art for both covers and can't wait to see the final result. And, I just found out that The HMS Swift is getting a Steve Crisp cover - I'm stoked at this, I can tell you! The third Vampire Apocalypse book, Fallout, is not due out until nearer the end of the year so the editing/cover art process hasn't started just yet. I also have a short story coming out (June) in an anthology, Buried Tales, set in the Pinebox, Tx universe (12 to Midnight) - The Evil Within.

I'm delighted to see that the release of Descent into Chaos has brought about a renewed interest in the first Vampire Apocalypse book in the series and most sales are now of both books at the same time. It would certainly seem that bringing out the sequel introduced a bunch of new readers to the series.

I've two other horror/dark fantasy novels is various stages of submission so it's very much a wait and see game at this stage. I'm also, very slowly, slogging away at my latest book. This is an action/thriller and there's not a vampire or zombie in sight. It's a real challenge for me writing in the 'real' world, so to speak. A lot of the story is set in places as far apart as Beruit and Washington and the present day happenings are the result of the political and social scenes in the 1960's and 70's. So the research is absolutely painstaking! At each writing session, I write approximately a third of what I would normally write when writing horror. The plan was to have this complete by the early summer - I'm nowhere near achieving that...

Convention wise, I had a blast at Phoenix Con in Dublin in March and at this stage, I'm on for Games Fest in the UK in October. Oh, and I'm a paid-up attending member for The World Horror Convention in Brighton in 2010...

Until next time...

Friday, April 10, 2009

ZOMBOLOGY now available at Amazon

From THE LIBRARY OF THE LIVING DEAD press, ZOMBOLOGY is now available to purchase at Amazon

The fantastic Dr. Pus has put together a great line-up for the first anthology from LOTLD and a story of mine, It's Your Turn, is in it.

Note: this story first appeared in Chimera World #2.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dave Moody (author of HATER) praises THE ESTUARY

UK scribe Dave Moody took time out of his busy schedule to read my forthcoming release from Permuted Press. Dave is the author of the recently released HATER, now available in both the US and the UK and the book is in production with producer Guillermo del Toro and Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage)is signed to direct. Here's what he had to say:

“Gunn’s ‘The Estuary’ feels like a head-on collision between John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog’ and Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’; claustrophobic settings, a mysterious outbreak of infection and a group of survivors plagued by hordes of ravenous, flesh-eating zombies. Almost fifteen thousand men, women and children turned into flesh eating zombies by a long-forgotten Nazi chemical weapon… sound like your thing?

An idyllic Irish coastal town; a small, close-knit community; a cast of everyday people going about their fairly unremarkable, ordinary lives… it sounds too good to last – and it is. With the help of a buried Nazi secret and several thousand undead townsfolk, Gunn drags his cast to hell and makes them fight for their survival.
Trapped within a quarantine zone with the military on one side and hordes of flesh-eating ghouls on the other, escape is no longer an option. Just surviving is all that matters now…”

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"an action packed book, which doesn’t let up until the last page"

A new review of Descent into Chaos - the 2nd Vampire Apocalypse book is now up at The Book Club Forum
Thanks Michelle!

Buried Tales of Pinebox, TX - Horror Anthology

I've been signed on to write a story for this anthology coming soon from 12 to Midnight. "The Buried Tales anthology of horror and supernatural fiction transports you to the rural town of Pinebox, Texas, where secrets are buried but the dead don’t always stay that way. Join us for a dozen killer stories by David Wellington, Shane Hensley, Jess Hartley, J.D. Wiker, Monica Valentinelli, Charles Rice, and more" according to anthology editor, Matt McElroy, and they hope to have it released in time for Origins in the early summer. Keep an eye out at Matt's Flames Rising website for story previews and news.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 new reviews of DESCENT INTO CHAOS

I recently came across two new reviews of the second Vampire Apocalypse book: DESCENT INTO CHAOS (Black Death Books, 2008) from The Horror Fiction Quarterly Review and UK author, Garry Charles. Both had kind words to say :-)

"Well, Derek Gunn has gone and done it again....I have to take my hat off to (Derek) for delivering this novel to us. He has taken the vampire mythos and given it what it so desperately needed. These bloodsuckers are true monsters and I can’t wait for the third instalment."
Garry Charles, Feb. 09

"CHAOS dives head first into what (I guess) can be labeled a "military vampire" adventure that'll have fans of the UNDERWORLD films as happy as a rabid cannibal at a weight watchers meeting."
The Horror Fiction Review, March 09

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Secret History - Unearthed!

I'm delighted to announce that Ghostwriter Publications in the UK will be publishing hardback, paperback and audio editions of The HMS Swift Chronicles: A Secret History this year. Above is the concept art for the cover(s).


Monday, February 9, 2009

"It's Your Turn" in ZOMBOLOGY -

a new Zombie Anthology coming soon from Library of the Living Dead.

Here's the TOC from Dr. Pus and there is a story of mine called It's Your Turn that was first printed in Chimera World anthology around 2005 (This should be out around March and available from most online booksellers.)

"Here is the line-up for Volume 1 of "Zombology". I've tried to get a nice mix of first time authors and published authors. .

Here's the stories and authors:

D. L. Snell - "Suzy Polenski's Panties"
David Dunwoody - "Clockwork"
Eric S. Brown - "Ground Zero"
R. Thomas Riley - "Same as You"
T. Patrick Rooney - "Zombie Cola"
Pascal van dem Beemd - "Six Feet Above the Grave"
Rhiannon Frater - "Stop Requested"
Donald Newberry - "Good Intentions"
Derek Gunn - "It's Your Turn"
Robert R. Best - "April's Ministrations"
Michelle McCrary - "Every Rose"
John Grover - "Unnatural Selection"
Robert Cordray - "The Beginning of the End"
Shane Sullivan - "Zombie Dreams"
Tel Williams - "Rule Hard or Die Free"
Mike Steele - "Halloween Treats"
Greg Michaels - "Undead Overpass"
Mark M. Johnson - "One of Many"
Kody Boye - "Happy Ending"
Brad Zipprich - "Children of Landford's Towers"
Rob Fox - "The Letter"

Also added to the end of the book will be the first five days of the upcoming "Z Day is Here" by Rob Fox.

I'll also be sending around a "chain-book" to be signed by all of the authors to be given away in a contest at "Library of the Living Dead".

Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 Appearances, so far.....

Here's some confirmed conventions that I will be attending as a guest writer in 2009:


Gamesfest 4: 24/10/2009 Watford Colosseum.

From their website:
"Below is some info on what we plan to do this year.
One of the biggest changes is that we are looking to throw a bit of an after party by having a Rock concert! We also aim to include Comics, collecting / memorabilia and hopefully a few stars of the large and small screens!

A one day convention to showcase the best of Role playing, Wargaming, Boardgaming & Science fiction/Fantasy literature.

We want to pull all the strands of Fantasy/Science Fiction together and create a unique experience for the fan/enthusiast in one convention

Ours is a unique vision and we want to focus on customer satisfaction and a totally enjoyable day dedicated to players and fans alike.

The location: Watford Colosseum (Watford town centre)
Facilities include a fully licensed bar, two venue halls, dressing rooms, a large kitchen and ample parking facilities (for parking charges see link below). There is also a large stage with full lighting system. The Colosseum has a seating capacity of 1188 in the main hall and 298 seating space in the gallery.
The management has assured me that once we have all the stands in place the capacity will be 1000 attendees.
The transport links are excellent via Road and rail (the main line station is 10 minutes walk away)
At present we have two distinct elements to Gamesfest:

Gaming : Incorporating War games , role-playing , board gaming and CCGS.

Literature : Sci-Fi , Fantasy and Horror –

This year we want to further include:

Comics and guest writers/artists

Collecting / memorabilia and guests

Music: The venue is a music venue as well and we thought we might have an after party! We are speaking to Ghoultown from the US and a couple of home grown bands"


Phoenix Convention:
P-Con VI will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th, of March 2009, in the Central Hotel, Dublin.

P-Con is a literary event with an emphasis on Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. It attracts a large number of members (readers and writers) from across Ireland and Britain, and further afield.

The National Irish Science Fiction Convention, October 2009, Dublin.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Everything happens in threes.....

Well, it's the New Year: All traces of The holiday season are packed away for another year, the children are back to school, I'm back to work a week now, though I'm not complaining: in such uncertain times I'm glad to have one.

But it's been an expensive start to 2009 - household appliance-wise that is. So here's the list (in multiples of three - almost) of all the things that have gone bust and need to be replaced over the past couple of weeks: the fridge died, the dishwasher got fed up cleaning up after us, the glass oven door threw itself onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces (methinks it was protesting over the size of the turkey). The gate to the back garden got such a battering with weather that it needs to be replaced, the washing machine door fell off (I swear my wife tries to stuff too much into it at once though she is adamant this is not the case. So we are now nervously awaiting to see what the next disaster is going to be.....
So, how has your year been so far?

On a more positive note, the first Vampire Apocalypse book, A World Torn Asunder has been optioned again for 2009 and I'll update on that when I can. I have two books coming out in 2009. The Estuary coming from Permuted Press in the Summer and Fallout, the third book in the Vampire Apocalypse series, coming from Black Death Books in the Autumn. I'll have some more information at my website about both of these titles shortly. Now a third sale for 2009 would round that off nicely.....they say things happen in threes, don't they?

Recently I have been finishing off a short story for a UK mass market anthology. This is a competition and I'm one of five finalists. The story has been submitted...fingers crossed! I've also been working with the Permuted Press editor assigned to The Estuary and the first edit is complete. I'm also working on a new action/thriller novel which is not horror, so it's a challenge for me writing outside of my comfort zone.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

International Thriller Writers' Association review DESCENT INTO CHAOS

"Derek Gunn didn't reinvent the vampire novel. Instead he stripped it back to its roots, in the process tearing away the pretensions other writers have used to humanize the fabled bloodsucking monster. His books are not comforting paranormal romances; they are violent and visceral supernatural thrillers."

I recently joined the International Thriller Writers' Assoication and in their January newsletter (which goes out to 10,000 subscribers, they say) they did a good indepth write up of the second Vampire Apocalypse book, DESCENT INTO CHAOS - a good start to 2009!

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