Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vampire Apocalypse and Permuted Press! Latest interview and Crimson Seas.

Great news! Permuted Press (my current publishers of my zombie novel, The Estuary and the ebook editions of the first three Vampire Apocalypse books) have picked up all publishing rights worldwide to the first three books and for the fourth book which I am currently writing - a four book deal! 

Here's how this came about: The current publisher of the print editions of my three Vampire Apocalypse books (KHP Publishers who I have been with since 2006)is moving their business to ebooks only and the print rights revert to me at the end of the year. I was sad at the thought of not having Vampire Apocalypse available in print even though a lot of my sales are ebook editions. There are still plenty of readers who want a physical book - myself included! Permuted were not only interested in the rights for the print editions for these three books but all publishing rights, and the same for book four! I am absolutely delighted now that contracts have been exchanged and it is all signed and sealed, so keep an eye out in 2013 for new editions with new covers and a re-edit.

There is a 5 minute interview with me over at The Ginger Nuts of Horror and you can have a read HERE

My first novel set in the HMS Swift Adventures series, Crimson Seas, has been selling very well - way beyond my expectations! I am really delighted with this and hope all who purchased it enjoy the story. I have one concern though: I notice that is is being purchased by readers who love historical naval fiction. Although I clearly spell out in the description that it is a horror adventure, and those familiar with my work won't be surprised to encounter the odd zombie or vampire, I do hope the book description is being read and that readers are aware of the horror element. We can but wait and see as reviews come in...


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