Monday, October 27, 2008

VA: Descent into Chaos: reviews starting to come through and they're good ones!

Reviews of the second VA book are starting to come through and.....they're good!

Here's some highlights:

First up - two 5 STAR reviews at Amazon:

"Derek Gunn is a master vampire writer who provides his fans with a graphic frightening world that hooks the audience as few military horror sagas do."

"Like the first book once the action begins (and that doesn't take long ) its doesn't stop till the final page. It really is a fast paced page turner; I read it in two sessions which is unheard of for me. You just can't put it down - the action drags you in.....Its a must read ! 5 Stars"

And another one at Fear Zone:

"Vampire Apocalypse: Descent Into Chaos still stands as an eminently enjoyable fast-paced blood-bath of a romp through a bleak, but far from hopeless post-apocalyptic future. For those who like their vampires tough and truly terrifying, Descent, and Derek Gunn's entire Vampire Apocalypse series, make for exceedingly pleasurable and satisfying reading."

If you've read it, help me spread the word by posting your review at Amazon, B&N etc.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fangoria's "Terrifying Tomes for Hallow'een"

a small number of books feature (including my new release - Vampire Apocalypse: Descent into Chaos).
Check out Fango's Terrifying Tomes for Hallow'een

Sweet Fights at Gamesfest ...

Just back from Gamefest in sunny Tring in the UK. We had stormtroopers keeping everyone in line though we really didn't need them. Mark Lucas and his creew did an excellent job of organising this event.

There was gaming, Magic the Gathering, Games Workshop and an impressive lineup of authors, including me.

It was a great day with sweet fights between Frazer Lee and myself and Peter Mark May. I ate the ammunition and Frazer ran out of sweets, not Mister May though - he went home with a suitcase full. A recent intelligence report has him enticing people on the tube with said sweets, though these have yet to be confirmed.

For me it was a thrill. It was a long day flying into Heathrow for 9.00 and returning late that night but it was worth it. I got to meet James Barclay, Mark Chadbourne and Dan Abnett - like what else would you want to do on a Saturday?

Captain Calibre, Richard Williams (Author of Black Libraries' excellent 'Relentless'), was there and so too ship's Master Gav Thorpe and James Swallow.

I even got to talk to the guys in Bloody books, Joseph D'Lancy and Bill Hussey whose evcellent books were on sale in limited quantities. The irrepressible Garry Charles was there as well as fellow Wonderlands frequentors Steve Dean, Stan Nicholls and Raven Dane. A hell of a line up.
I even sold some books myself.

There was a good crowd at the event though you should definately come next year if you missed this one. It is rare that an event is so well organised and Mark and the crew were so welcoming and sincere that they really do deserve to make this into a huge event.

Next up is Octocon in Dublin. See you there!

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