Wednesday, September 16, 2009


New review just in for THE ESTUARY from Dark Scribe Magazine. Here's a taster:

"The fast pace and substantial gore makes each page a pleasure, and readers will no doubt fall in love with the heroic characters that populate the novel."

Monday, September 14, 2009


New Baby Productions Enters the Horror Genre with Adaptation of Derek Gunn’s Hit Novels - Read the press release

I'm really thrilled that my series of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE novels have been picked up for graphic novel(s) adaptation. This new adaptation will be scripted by CJ Hurtt, an eclectic writer whose work has run the gamut from mainstream to horror to slipstream to political drama. His horror prose has been published in Lighthouse Magazine and; and his comic work has been showcased in the political drama One Last Song published by Brainscan Studios. He is the current Fiction Editor of Dark Recesses Magazine.

Argentinean artist Federico Combi will be providing the art for the graphic novel. Combi fancies himself a “Fine Arts Technician;” an illustrator and artist specialized in multiple concepts and artistical esthetics: fantasy art, pin ups, stories, children’s albums, youth novels, adult novels, paleo art, comics, and storyboards. He has worked for producers on several continents.

Vampire Apocalypse: the Graphic Novel is scheduled for an early 2011 release. A mini-comic preview edition will be available at various conventions during 2010 to start the pre-release marketing. Project updates will be posted on the New Baby Productions web site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zombies on the Emerald Isle!

A new review of THE ESTUARY just spotted at Static Multimedia:

"The Estuary is a slick, captivating tale that takes the zombie tale and gives it a Celtic polish. Original, heart-pounding and highly imaginative, this book will delight horror fans and may just hook some thriller lovers."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FALLOUT...coming soon

Third Vampire Apocalypse book FALLOUT coming October - SIGN UP FOR EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

FANGORIA! Terrific review of THE ESTUARY

Well I'm not only delighted that Fangoria has reviewed my latest release THE ESTUARY, but I'm blown away by their review! Here's a taster:

"A story, which is an action-packed survival horror Irish zombie novel, features something completely refreshing and new among the hundreds of zombie reads out there. The newest novel from horror novelist Derek Gunn features everything a horror fan could hope and dream of!...The pages will soon enough stick to your sweaty fingers as you swipe each page in anxiousness as you live through the citizens of Whiteshead, Ireland.

this story is much more than the typical zombie novel, serving us classic horror ingredients that constantly invigorate and excite. Gunn’s ability to jump from one character to the next is flawless as we are presented with some of the best, clear and concise action sequences this reader has ever come across. The story reads very quickly as you can never seem to put the book down; constantly looking over your reading shoulder in paranoia and fear.

I want to immediately read a sequel and grab popcorn for the big screen movie adaption! This book is a definite recommendation for any fan of the horror and zombie subgenre as well as Gunn’s magnificent and adventurous writing style that will grab your bloody beating heart and never let go!"

You can read the full review at FANGORIA

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