Sunday, June 12, 2011


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Aldergun Books

ALDERGUN BOOKS is an imprint, set up with my wife and partner-in-writing, Alice (I do the writing, she does everything else - editing, some covers, website, blog, twitter, facebook etc.). We plan to release a number of new titles this year.

The reason we have set it up is to be able to bring some of my books direct to readers in ebook formats (which are now toppling paperbacks and hardbacks in sales, apparently) and to have control over pricing, publishing dates, cover design etc. For the moment, Aldergun Books titles will only be available in ebook format. Quite honestly, the reason is because I can price them low and the cost to readers of any paperbacks we published would be too high in the current economic climate, in my humble opinion.

Books published under the Aldergunn Books imprint will be available initially from, and We will roll them out to include Smashwords (which will also distribute via B&N and iBooks etc.).

The first two titles were published in April/May:

Gemini - a full length spy/espionage/triller

A Prelude to the Apocalypse - a series of diary extracts written within my Vampire Apocalypse universe from the vampire's point of view and each is set in a different historical time period.

More full length novels are planned for release over the next few months so stay tuned!

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