Saturday, May 29, 2010

International Thriller Writers Association article - THE ARK by Boyd Morrison

The greatest archaeological discovery in history could mean the end of mankind.

A relic from Noah's Ark gives a religious fanatic and his followers a weapon that will let them recreate the effects of the biblical flood, and former combat engineer Tyler Locke has seven days to find the Ark and the secret hidden inside before it's used to wipe out civilization again.

I'm a Contributing Editor for the monthly newsletter from The International Thriller Writers Association. Check out HERE what I had to say about Boyd Morrison and his new release, THE ARK in the May issue -

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kindle edition of FALLOUT now available

FALLOUT is the third book in Derek Gunn's post-apocalyptic military series, Vampire Apocalypse and it's now available on Kindle from Amazon in addition to the paperback edition.

A New War begins. The Vampires rule. Humanity is enslaved in a nightmare world wherein those who have survived are bred as food for the vampires and as entertainment for the vicious thralls who guard them. The brief but bitter conflict between rival vampires has left Von Kruger victorious. But the thralls have used the war to their own advantage and have grown in power and confidence. The rivalry between vampire and thrall is set to escalate, but first they must eliminate another threat--the small band of free human survivors.

Harris and his team hold a secret of immeasurable power--a coating for bullets that can kill both thralls and vampires. The thralls want it, and the vampires must destroy it. But first they have to find the rebels. Together they hope to forge an uneasy alliance, at least until the free humans can be hunted down and destroyed. But neither side can ever hope to trust the other. Earth is the battlefield. The human population are the pawns. And the doomsday clock continues to tick relentlessly toward nuclear Armageddon.

“This volume of the story had some of the best fight scenes Gunn has written so far in the series...If you dig an action-packed tale of free humans fighting off monstrous cruel vampires and the twisted thralls that serve them…check out the Vampire Apocalypse books, you won’t be disappointed.” Flames Rising

“Derek Gunn didn’t reinvent the vampire novel. Instead he stripped it back to its roots, in the process tearing away the pretensions other writers have used to humanize the fabled bloodsucking monster. His books are not comforting paranormal romances; they are violent and visceral supernatural thrillers.”
International Thriller Writers’ Association

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm back in the classroom...

My wife saw that the Irish Writers Centre here in Dublin was running a course on writing historical fiction for one term and persuaded me to sign up. She knew that I had been struggling a little with a new novel (historical horror) and thought it could only help. Well it's been quite some time since I have attended classes (with the exception of professional work related courses) and...I'm really enjoying it. The tutor is a former fellow of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the class consists of me and 7 women and I'm getting great feedback on my work from a female perspective. The first draft of my novel is actually finished and this course is providing me with a terrific opportunity of feedback on my story, language, structure and characterisation. I suppose it's similar to joining a writers' group but with the advantage of a tutor with an MFA in Creative Writing. This novel is the first in what will hopefully become a new series for me...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adam Nevill, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Bauer, Nate Kenyon, Derek Gunn and Mike Stewart - on Horror

There's a new blog post up on It's written by fellow International Thriller Writers Association contributing editor, Mike Stewart (who also happens to have a new book out - THE SAND DRAGON. It features authors Adam Nevill, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Bauer, Nate Kenyon, Derek Gunn (that's me!) , and Michael F. Stewart - all giving our thoughts on what defines Horror and what is going on today that has given rise to the genre?

Check it out here at

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