Monday, February 9, 2009

"It's Your Turn" in ZOMBOLOGY -

a new Zombie Anthology coming soon from Library of the Living Dead.

Here's the TOC from Dr. Pus and there is a story of mine called It's Your Turn that was first printed in Chimera World anthology around 2005 (This should be out around March and available from most online booksellers.)

"Here is the line-up for Volume 1 of "Zombology". I've tried to get a nice mix of first time authors and published authors. .

Here's the stories and authors:

D. L. Snell - "Suzy Polenski's Panties"
David Dunwoody - "Clockwork"
Eric S. Brown - "Ground Zero"
R. Thomas Riley - "Same as You"
T. Patrick Rooney - "Zombie Cola"
Pascal van dem Beemd - "Six Feet Above the Grave"
Rhiannon Frater - "Stop Requested"
Donald Newberry - "Good Intentions"
Derek Gunn - "It's Your Turn"
Robert R. Best - "April's Ministrations"
Michelle McCrary - "Every Rose"
John Grover - "Unnatural Selection"
Robert Cordray - "The Beginning of the End"
Shane Sullivan - "Zombie Dreams"
Tel Williams - "Rule Hard or Die Free"
Mike Steele - "Halloween Treats"
Greg Michaels - "Undead Overpass"
Mark M. Johnson - "One of Many"
Kody Boye - "Happy Ending"
Brad Zipprich - "Children of Landford's Towers"
Rob Fox - "The Letter"

Also added to the end of the book will be the first five days of the upcoming "Z Day is Here" by Rob Fox.

I'll also be sending around a "chain-book" to be signed by all of the authors to be given away in a contest at "Library of the Living Dead".

Stay tuned!

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Gabrielle Faust said...

If you send a copy to Fear Zone to be reviewed, tell them I'd very much like to be the reviewer if possible! :)

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