Friday, July 17, 2009

What's in a name?

The observant among you who are regular visitors to my website may have noticed a change of title for my forthcoming release from Ghostwriter Publications: the original title for this book was THE HMS SWIFT CHRONICLES but, the publisher and I decided that the title SENTINELS OF THE SEA was sharper and more descriptive so...we changed it. The cover got a makeover too!

About this Book:

A new historical horror fiction book incorporating two stories and titled Sentinels of the Sea, has been picked up by Ghostwriter Publications in the UK, for publication in 2009 in hardback, paperback and audio editions.

Set against the historical backdrop of the fragile peace that existed between the American Revolution, the looming French Revolution and the threat of Napoleon's growing empire, the crew of the HMS Swift face the walking dead in The Diabolical Plan and vampires in The Island.

The year is 1791 and Captain Thomas Butler and his loyal crew of The HMS Swift, a class five frigate in the service of King George III of England, are sent on a series of missions where nothing is what it seems and forces far darker than any of them have experienced before, reign supreme.

It'll be available to preorder around August - stay tuned for more updates.

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