Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's new for July at

Here's an update about what's new at my website. First off, my latest thriller, THE ESTUARY, has been released by Permuted Press. Books that have been ordered at the main online booksellers are now starting to ship and review copies are been forwarded to reviewers who requested a copy. Book extract, blurbs, reviews (as they come in) and links to the most popular booksellers are all available at the website.

Secondly, I've received the concept art for the third book in my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE, series - FALLOUT. It's coming out from Black Death Books in September. At my website, just click on BOOKS to see the cover.

Finally, there's a new book trailer for the anthology, BURIED TALES, published by 12 to A link to it is posted on my homepage.

Happy reading!
Derek Gunn

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