Sunday, July 19, 2009

Essential Vampire Fiction, Vol. 2 : VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE

John Joseph Adams is editing a new book of essential vampire fiction, coming soon from Nightshade books. I'm delighted that my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE SERIES gets a mention (number 12 of 40).

"Essential Vampire Fiction, Vol. 2

A Listmania! list by John Joseph Adams (New Jersey).

The list author says: "What follows is a selected bibliography of vampire fiction. This list focuses primarily on vampires in fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels published within the last thirty years or so, and largely ignores young adult, tie-in (Buffy, Angel, etc.), romance, and erotica titles, although some crossover is inevitable. For books in a series, only the first title in the series will be listed, and in the comment field, the phrase "et seq." will appear, indicating sequels.

This "for further reading" list appears in my vampire anthology BY BLOOD WE LIVE. The list was compiled by Ross E. Lockhart.

Visit the anthology’s website at to learn more about the stories in BY BLOOD WE LIVE."

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