Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 new reviews of DESCENT INTO CHAOS

I recently came across two new reviews of the second Vampire Apocalypse book: DESCENT INTO CHAOS (Black Death Books, 2008) from The Horror Fiction Quarterly Review and UK author, Garry Charles. Both had kind words to say :-)

"Well, Derek Gunn has gone and done it again....I have to take my hat off to (Derek) for delivering this novel to us. He has taken the vampire mythos and given it what it so desperately needed. These bloodsuckers are true monsters and I can’t wait for the third instalment."
Garry Charles, Feb. 09

"CHAOS dives head first into what (I guess) can be labeled a "military vampire" adventure that'll have fans of the UNDERWORLD films as happy as a rabid cannibal at a weight watchers meeting."
The Horror Fiction Review, March 09

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