Monday, September 17, 2012

Crimson Seas, An HMS Swift Adventures Novel

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Crimson Seas is the first novel in my HMS Swift Adventures series. The year is 1791. It is a time of turbulent and fragile peace between the American Revolution, the looming French Revolution and the threat of Napoleon's growing empire.

Captain Thomas Butler and his crew of the HMS Swift, a Class five Frigate in the service of King George III of England arrive into port expecting a few months of rest while their ship is repaired and refitted. Immediately upon their return however, they are sent on a mission to investigate pirate-related reports affecting the lucrative trade routes to the East Indies.

The mission is a confusing one though. Their orders are suspiciously vague. The threat of piracy has not been felt for many years. Two ships have gone missing already in the area though it is inconceivable that mere pirates could have over-run a King’s ship. Butler and his crew find a seemingly abandoned merchant ship drifting at sea and discover the crew gutted and discarded in the hold. Their blood is smeared liberally throughout the ship forming strange and disturbing sigils that suggest devil worshiping.

As war looms and navies engage in heated, yet still sporadic engagements, it is left to the crew of the HMS Swift to face and defeat an evil that has lain dormant for years and now threatens to engulf the whole world.

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