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My first VA book, A WORLD TORN ASUNDER, was released in September 2006. It tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world : The war is over and the Vampires have won. The drying up of the world's oil resources leads to the fabled End of Days. Technology stagnates and communities grow ever more insular. With communication between cities lost and attention turned inward, the vampires rise from the shadows where they have survived for centuries and sweep across the globe.

In the midst of chaos, a small band of rebels lead a terrified existence, but their survival is threatened by the Vampires' new scanning procedures. Peter Harris is an ordinary man. Young and reckless, he is frustrated with the group's stagnation and pushes for one more daring mission. His recklessness has exposed the group but it has also increased the size of their community. Now, as circumstances force them to take the offensive, Peter will make one last stand for humanity's survival in the Vampire Apocalypse.

The second book, DESCENT INTO CHAOS, was released in September 2008 and continues a short time after book 1 ends: The War is Over. The Vampires have Won. But a new campaign is about to begin …
The first battle is over. Now the human survivors will pull themselves from the ruins of their base to find that the world is a very different place outside Nero’s territory. Nationally, the vampires have organised themselves into cabals but the scramble for power, raw materials and humans for their food, have led to an uneasy peace. Below the surface each state plots against the other and only the far-reaching power of the Vampire Council holds all-out war at bay. Their control is slipping. And Peter Harris and his team have a plan that might just push them over the edge…

The third book, FALLOUT, was released in September 2009: A New War begins
The Vampires rule. Humanity are enslaved in a nightmare world where those who are still alive are bred as food for the vampires and the entertainment for the vicious thralls who guard them.

The brief but bitter conflict between rival vampires has left Von Kruger victorious. However, the thralls have used the war to their advantage and they have grown in power and confidence against their former masters. Their rivalry is set to escalate but first they must eliminate another threat - the small band of human survivors. Harris and his team hold a secret of immeasurable power – a coating for bullets that can kill the vampires. The thralls want it and the vampires must destroy it. But first they have to find them. An uneasy alliance is forged until the humans can be destroyed but neither side can hope to trust the other.

Across the country another power struggle threatens them all. There is a power play at work that Harris does not understand. Harris’s warning of the serum’s deadly effects has been ignored and the doomsday clock continues to tick relentlessly towards Armageddon.
On top of all that there is a traitor in the human community and the small matter of a potential nuclear catastrophe…


The first book was first optioned for film in 2007 and the option was renewed for 2008 and 2009. And, it's optioned again for 2010 - fingers crossed an adaptation gets to the silver screen!

The Graphic Novel rights have been licensed and the first novel (based on the first book) is due to be released in 2011. A preview mini comic will be available from March of this year.

Kindle editions of the first two books were released by Permuted in January of this year

You can read all about VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE at They are available at most online booksellers or can be ordered in store. Currently, have 15% off the retail price of the first two books


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