Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Permuted Press Kindle edition of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE: A WORLD TORN ASUNDER - some reader reviews!

The Permuted Press Kindle edition of the first Vampire Apocalypse book, A WORLD TORN ASUNDER, is a revised and extended (by about 25,000 words) version of the book that's in print (first published Sept. 2006).

Thanks to those who have been buying it!

There's been a couple of very positive reader reviews of this new edition on Amazon:

"The overall feel of the book is dark. This book was original. The story was well written."

"First off, on a post apocalyptic kick, I came across this book and quickly ate it up. Vampires and apocalypse? Sign me up! Regarding the story, I was not disappointed. It had the right amount of action and dialogue, the characters are enjoyable, and the plot made sense and the story moved along well. I will be buying the second book, if that's any indication of how much I enjoyed it."

And, it's available at the special low price of $4.95 at Amazon


Victoria said...

how soon will the third book of the vampire apocalype be available on kindle? I am hooked.

Derek Gunn said...

Hey thanks Victoria - I'm delighted to hear your "hooked"! The thid book, FALLOUT, should be out within a couple of months in a Kindle edition. However, it's available in trade paperback and there's an extract at my website if you want to check it out.

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