Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Update - October 1st 2012 - Whatever happened to the Vampire Apocalypse movie and graphic novel?

Monday again, they seem to come around so quickly. I saw a review today for the third Vampire Apocalypse Book, Fallout, where the reviewer loved the book (thank you for that) but was disappointed that all the story lines were not tied up in the trilogy. I must admit I don’t know where the term ‘Trilogy’ came from in relation to the Vampire Apocalypse series. I suppose it’s because there are three books available and I have taken a break to write other stories. There were, however, a few reasons for this.

Movie?     The first book A World Torn Asunder was optioned for a movie. This was very exciting at the time. First it was optioned as a low budget movie – any movie was a shot in the arm I must admit. Then it was optioned as a TV series – this made me over the moon, especially as there were a lot of really good TV series out at that time and I had great plans. Then that changed again and it was back to being a movie – but this time as a big budget movie with actors’ names I had actually heard of. I mean you would not believe the people who were offered the roll of Harris, I was in seventh heaven. Unfortunately the movie was not made as it turned out. There were many reasons for this but the final decision was to shelve it. So no movie I’m afraid. They paid me for a few years options so I can’t grumble and it was really exciting at the time. Maybe they will pick it up again – who knows?

f     Graphic Novel? The books were optioned for a graphic novel. I love and have always collected comics. I must admit to always having a dream of writing for Marvel and this was somewhat of a breakthrough for the realisation of this dream. It wasn’t Marvel who bought the rights but it was close enough for me. A prologue was produced of twenty or so pages and some lucky Con visitors will have copies that I signed! I still have copies in my room. It was beautifully printed artwork and covered the whole Prologue of the first book. I even took to writing some of the chapters, a totally new experience for me. Unfortunately, issues with late art deliveries and the project taking too long to finish made the publisher decide to go on to other projects. Ah well, Marvel will have to wait for me a bit longer I suppose.  

      Anyway with all the re-writes, screenplays and comic adaptions I was feeling pretty sick of re-writing the VA books so I took a break and went on to write The Gatekeeper, Gemini and Crimson Seas a novel set in the HMS Swift series. This allowed me to recharge and I am now busily writing the next installment in the Vampire Apocalypse series. And it is a series - please don’t assume it will be a quartet! I will continue to write books as long as I can come up with good ideas and as long as people are buying and enjoying the books. Thankfully people are still buying them, long may that continue, and I do have enough ideas – for now anyway.

Okay, that’s it for today – see you all next week.


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