Friday, April 16, 2010

What's New!

I've posted a new newsletter at my website with my latest releases/editions and news - you can view it HERE

It's been a busy month: My three VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE books are now available in multiple ebook formats via SMASHWORDS - the first book, A WORLD TORN ASUNDER is just $4.99. The first two books in the series, A WORLD TORN ASUNDER and DESCENT INTO CHAOS are also available in Kindle editions at and the third book FALLOUT will be available shortly in this format. Of course, all three are still available in Trade paperback editions at many online booksellers.

SENTINELS OF THE SEA (historical/naval/supernatural), a three chapbook set in a slip cover are now available from Ghostwriter Publications. They are available to purchase directly from the publisher's website only, via Paypal for security.

THE ESTUARY, my zombie adventure published by Permuted Press is now available in Borders and Waldenbooks stores across the USA.

Works in progress: I've just finished the fifth installment of the Vampire Memoirs for the forthcoming (2011) VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE graphic novel and I'm very pleased on how they turned out. Kudos to the publisher Eric Mullarky of New Baby Productions for coming up with the idea of including some "bonus material" for the reader - diary extracts at various points in histroy leading up to the timeline of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE written by one of the vampires. This was a challenge for me as I never thought of writing from a vampire's point of view. I had to ensure that I steered completely away from bestowing them with any humanity as readers of the series will know that they are most definitely portrayed as base, evil creatures who are devoid of any human emotions!

Derek Gunn

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