Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All three VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE books now available as ebooks (multiple formats) at Smashwords

“an intriguing overall plot, with plenty of action and a concept that is far from ordinary." Dark Scribe Magazine

“For those who like their vampires tough and truly terrifying” Fear Zone

“Derek Gunn didn’t reinvent the vampire novel. Instead he stripped it back to its roots, in the process tearing away the pretensions other writers have used to humanize the fabled bloodsucking monster. His books are not comforting paranormal romances; they are violent and visceral supernatural thrillers.”International Thriller Writers’ Association

Head over to Smashwords and check them out now. View extracts online or download free samples. VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE: A WORLD TORN ASUNDER (book 1) now only $4.99! Books 2 and 3 (DESCENT INTO CHAOS and FALLOUT) JUST $9.99. VA ebooks (and Kindle editions) are published by Permuted Press.

Trade paperback editions are available at all good booksellers and are published by Black Death Books.

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