Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's nearly here.....

Ok, I've just received the galleys of the second Vampire Apocalypse book, Descent into Chaos. My publisher, KHP Industries have pulled out all the stops to have copies available for two conventions that I have been invited to attend as a guest author, in October: Gamesfest 3 in the UK on October 4th and Octocon in Dublin on October 18th and 19th. Gamesfest 3 is A one day convention to showcase the best of Role playing, Wargaming, Boardgaming & Science fiction/Fantasy literature. Octocon is the National Irish Science Fiction Convention and will be featuring as part of the programming of the (Irish) Children's Book Festival, which runs for the entire month of October.

Descent into Chaos will be officially released towards the end of October and will be available at all online booksellers, some high street book stores and can be ordered from anywhere that sells books.

You can check out the covers and read sample chapters of this and the first Vampire Apocalypse book, A World Torn Asunder at www.vampireapocalypse.com

We've been working hard at editing for the past month and I'm delighted with the final book. The third VA book, Fallout, is next up for editing.....


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