Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Latest Release- THE END OF THINGS, a Novella by Derek Gunn

THE END OF THINGS is now available to download at Amazon. This novella was first published as a Podcast in 2007 - Episode 34 of Dr. Pus.

The world has ended with a whimper. The long awaited Zombie Apocalypse took everyone by surprise and everyone is dead. Well, not everyone…

On a small island off the coast of Howth in Ireland a small group of survivers look to the mainland and the hoard of zombies that await them. Ireland’s Eye is only a half mile from the mainland and the small channel of water separating them from the zombies is drying out under the relentless sun. Soon the undead hoards will be able to reach them. Added to that their supplies are running low and one of their number has just died. Things could look better but they are about to get worse. Someone on the island is not what they seem and their dead colleague did not die of natural causes...

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