Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Apocalypse series...

The main kernel of this series came from the proliferation of ‘nice’ vampires that are so popular in fiction today. I never saw the vampire as an aristocratic figure, noble to a fault and lonely for a good woman’s, or man’s love. I always saw them as creatures who had moved on from being human over the centuries. They do not consider themselves human, most have probably forgotten they ever were. They are creatures ruled by base hunger. For all their power they are slaves to a gnawing hunger that rules there very existence.

I have written some diary extracts recently as part of a back story to the VA series. Over the course of the centuries we can see the changes going on inside the head of a vampire, how his thoughts of humanity, religion and his place in the world change him. I have tied this into the ‘real’ history of the world, offering a different view of how some of history’s events actually happened and the impact this had on the mindset of the vampire. They are short vignettes that try to go some way to explain how these creatures can change so drastically. Even the most noble would change their attitudes over centuries and humans are food after all. How often do you have to eat meat to no longer consider the source as intelligent? These extracts are available for free on my website with the first instalment up already - it's a vignette from the year 1590. Hope you enjoy it!

Derek Gunn


NewBabyProd said...

I am glad that these are now available. Great job Derek!

Derek Gunn said...

Thanks Eric - I really enjoyed writing them and I think they give a good insight into the VA universe - thanks for the inspiration! Hope all is well with you and NBP.

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