Monday, November 29, 2010

THE ESTUARY - Kindle edition now available for £7.22 at Plus 2 great new reader reviews!

Here's the direct link to the Kindle edition available to buy at
- price is £7.22.

I've recently come across two new (and great) reader reviews posted at Amazon:

"The protaganists are all well detailed and intresting to read about, you do feel for them and hope they make it through to the end. This book manages to create and capture the survivers sense of dread and horror at the zombie plauge. It is a well contained novel and manages to create a good zombie story without the entire world going into apocalypse mode. In conclusion I would say that it is definatly worth a look if you are a zombie fan."

"Leave it to Derek Gunn to write "The Estuary" and make keep zombies exciting. Gunn really knows how to grab his audience. His action scenes were intense, full of detail and suspense as well as clever ways to meld characters and events together. The story was good as well, contained, but emotional and rich in development."

Thanks to both readers for buying the book and taking the time to post their helpful reviews at Amazon:-)

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